Welcome To Advance Grain Farms

Advanced Grain Farms welcomes you to our new website. We are thankful for the relationships we have with local landowners. We are blessed to work for retired farmers, farming families, absentee landowners and farm management companies. Regardless of who we have the privilege to work with, we pride ourselves with honesty, dedication, friendship and on-time rent payments. If you are looking for a current tenant for your farm acreage, please contact us. We look forward to working with you to make your operation a success!

Advanced Grain Farms a farming operation based in Northeast Indiana, with offices and it base of operations in the New Haven, Indiana area a large scale producer of corn, soybeans and wheat. Our only business is the production of crops and services for those crops. We heavily invest and reinvest into agriculture assets and technology products. We are committed to the agriculture supply chain from the vendor, landlord to the consumer. We are committed to the future of agriculture and the technologies that it takes to stay competitive in today’s modern agriculture society. We are committed to crafting long term plans to preserve farm land for future generations.

Our belief is that the structure of the supply chain will continue to evolve to create value added opportunities in agriculture we are confident that farms structured as business units as opposed to the old farm structures will be poised to take advantage of meeting the needs to supply the worlds demand for food, fiber and energy demands.